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The Early Learner's Oasis isn't the only place where you can enjoy play, learning and growth with your little one. From Joy Park to The Teaching Kitchen and so much more, the Museum is designed with your family in mind!

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joy park

Outdoor adventure play is important for children of all ages, especially from our earliest days! Babies can begin to feel and explore different natural materials found outside like sand, grass, water and dirt. The tools in each space in Joy Park present many opportunities for babies to practice their fine motor skills and explore their curiosities. And the river is a great place for babies to sit, splash and stay cool on hot summer days!

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 the art studio

Babies have the chance to explore the world around them through color and texture. They are able to paint with their hands and feet, or begin using tools like a paintbrush. As our youngest visitor’s develop their fine motor skills, they can also discover clay by smashing, poking, pushing, rolling, squeezing and pulling apart. This is a great space for adults and their littlest ones to create something together. 

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 the teaching kitchen

Babies love to taste and smell! They begin developing these senses early on and through our Teaching Kitchen programs, they might just experience something brand new! Our programming can be adapted to our youngest visitors (with the support of an adult) to explore these senses and try new things in a safe environment. 

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Splash, pour, fill, repeat! Water play is always a blast for our littlest guests. Babies can explore sensory play with their hands and feet to discover how water looks, feels and sounds. Our earliest learners love to watch how water moves, pour water from one cup to another, toss balls into the swirling vortex, watch the different colors spin together, and so much more!

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Explore the forces of motion! Babies can begin to understand what happens when they push, pull, roll, or throw objects around them. Our youngest visitors explore their fine motor skills by learning to grasp and grab objects and observing how the bright orange balls move through the different pathways!

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Bubbles are fun at ANY age! Babies can explore their senses by discovering what happens when they touch a bubble (POP!) and also bond with their adult by watching the way bubbles are created and disappear. There are many sensory experiences available for our youngest visitors – they can explore their curiosity about vapor, foam and bubbles of all shapes and sizes!


The Museum is open by reservation only Wednesday - Sunday. Learn more and make a reservation here.


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