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on this adventure

Energy will help you make things GO! Rockets, hot air balloons and even racing zeppelins.

Go on an energy quest

go on an energy quest

Gather jewels around this labyrinth to fuel a hot air balloon to the ceiling.


art with light

Harness the power of light to create beautiful art with our humongous Light Bright!

Power a rocket3

build and launch a rocket

Design and construct your own rocket, then control its trajectory and PSI to launch it into the planets!

Use kid power2

use kid power!

Power antique erector sets with your muscles and watch them race along tracks in the ceiling.

Wind turbines2

power an aurora borealis

Aim an air cannon toward the ceiling and witness a gorgeous moving light show.

squeeze the whoopee cushion wall

This one speaks for itself.

take flight

Strap on wings or a cape and feel the lift, powered by fans that you control!

can't wait?

It takes energy to move! Feel your heartbeat, then do jumping jacks for 30 seconds. Feel your heartbeat again. What do you notice?

Take a tour before you visit to see how we create energy in this powerful exhibit!


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