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on this adventure

Immerse yourself in the soapy science secrets behind floating, shimmering bubbles.

stand in the bubble booth

Pull the rope and instantly colorful, soapy film is all around you. You're totally inside a bubble!

Drop Zone Picture Bubbles-1

enter the drop zone

Vapor-filled bubbles fall from the ceiling. Pop them and see what happens, or try to catch them with soapy hands.

bubble window sept 2017

peer through the window

How far can you stretch the bubble pane?

foam table sept 2017

what the heck is foam?!

Explore the Foam Table to find out.

work the vapor station

Make your own vapor-filled bubbles as mist swirls and evaporates around you.

make huge bubbles

Crank out giant bubbles. Can you make one bigger than you?

big bubble sep 2017

the big bubble

5 feet? 6 feet? Watch to see just how big it can get!

Watch the suds work

watch the suds work

We make our own sudsy solution! Watch how bubbles are made in big tanks full of soap, glycerin and water.

Can't wait2

can't wait?

Take a tour of this sudsy-fun space. Then make your own bubble solution at home! Experiment by mixing in different amounts of the ingredients:

6 cups of water
1 cup of dish soap
1/4 cup of corn syrup or 1 tbsp of glycerin

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