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Immerse yourself in the soapy science secrets behind floating, shimmering bubbles.

Immerse yourself in the soapy science secrets behind floating, shimmering bubbles.

three children standing in a giant bubble booth and blowing the bubble walls out

stand in the bubble booth

Pull the rope and instantly colorful, soapy film is all around you. You're totally inside a bubble!

child in googles trying to catch a vapor bubble as it pops

enter the drop zone

Vapor-filled bubbles fall from the ceiling. Pop them and see what happens, or try to catch them with soapy hands.

child playing with foam at a lab station

what the heck is foam?!

Explore the Foam Table to find out.

child making a giant bubble with a large metal ring

make huge bubbles

Crank out giant bubbles. Can you make one bigger than you?

mechanical exhibit feature that blows bubbles up to 5 feet big

the big bubble

5 feet? 6 feet? Watch to see just how big it can get!

foam bubble table in the foreground, two children playing with giant bubble rings in the background

can't wait?

Take a tour of this sudsy-fun space. Then make your own bubble solution at home! Experiment by mixing in different amounts of the ingredients:

6 cups of water
1 cup of dish soap
1/4 cup of corn syrup or 1 tbsp of glycerin

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