Prepare to enter the world of spellbinding bubbles!

The interactive Bubbles Playscape will thrill guests of all ages! Immerse yourself in the science of bubbles, and learn through shimmering, floating, expanding, popping, PLAY!

You and your child can create, observe and manipulate the soapy concoctions utilizing a variety of tools and machines. Crank out enormous bubbles over six-feet long with the "Big Bubble Maker," fill bubbles upon bubbles with a vapor mist at the "Vapor Station," become fully encased in a bubble in the "Bubble Booth," pop vapor-filled bubbles dropping from the ceiling in the "Drop Zone" and SO MUCH MORE!

The learning is abundant. Force and evaporation, water vapor, shapes and mixtures, and measurements in size, area, diameter, volume and length can all be realized from soapy, sudsy bubbles. 

Educational Concepts and Skill Development
This Playscape is carefully designed to support the development of these important early learning principles:

  • Science Skills: Using the scientific method (posing questions, conducting tests, observing results, making conclusions and posing new questions) and exploring the science of bubbles (including refraction of light, evaporation and surface tension)
  • Math Skills: Measuring the length, diameter and height of bubbles; learning that bubbles always try to take the shape of spheres
  • Fine Motor Skills: Grasping and manipulating bubble tools
  • Large Motor Skills: Turning wheels and pulling to create large bubbles, reaching and jumping to pop bubbles
  • Teamwork: Working with peers or grownups to solve problems and gain communication skills experimenting with the different bubble machines
  • Bubble Knowledge: Observing why bubble solution works (its properties and ingredients) and how the bubble machines work

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This project is supported in part by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this exhibit do not necessarily represent those of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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Where is it?

Play & Learn Together

  • Encourage your child to catch a bubble. Does it work with wet or dry hands?
  • Ask your child what colors they see in the bubble film.
  • Help your child measure how tall they are when they're inside the bubble! Who's taller, the bubble or you?

Target Age

Fun for all ages but most developmentally appropriate for ages 6 - 8.